The landmine shoulder circuit can reduce pressure on your joints, enhance mobility, and boost strength gains.

The deltoid muscle is small and consists of three sections – front (anterior), side (lateral), and rear (posterior). To avoid injury or imbalances you must train all three parts from various angles. This unilateral landmine circuit covers both of those issues. A landmine tool – a small barbell sleeve anchored to a rotating base – allows the shoulder joint to move more freely and naturally compares with using a barbell. And training one side at a time gives you an opportunity to detect weaknesses you might overlook when training bilaterally.



1 – Kneeling Overhead Press

Kneel down so you’re perpendicular to the barbell. Grasp the end of the bar with a palms up grip and raise the bar to shoulder height. Brace your core, squeeze your glutes, and drive the bar overhead at or around a 45-degree angle. Lower the bar to the start position and repeat for reps.

2 – Kneeling Front Raise

Kneeling parallel to the barbell, reach across your body and grasp the end of the bar with an overhead grip. (It should rest near the hip pocket opposite the side you’re using to grip the bar.) Keep your arm straight and midsection tight as you raise the bar to shoulder height. Pause, then slowly return to the start position.

How it Works:

  • Do this landmine shoulder routine as a circuit that consists of 8 to 12 reps for strength and hypertrophy, or pick two moves and do a few light sets of 12 to 15 reps to warm up the rotator cuff before heavy lifts. Place a padded mat or towel on the floor to protect your knees while kneeling.

3 – Kneeling Lateral Raise

Kneel next to the end of the barbell so you’re facing the landmine. Grasp the end of the bar with an overhead grip and hold it at the hip-pocket height. Keep your body upright as you raise the bar outward until your arm is parallel to the floor. Pause at the top and use control to reverse the movement back to the start position. That’s 1 rep.

4 – Kneeling Upright Row

Kneel down so you’re parallel to the barbell and hold the end of the bar at or around mid-thigh height. Keep your upper body erect and your core tight as you bend your elbow and pull the bar toward your shoulder. Pause at the top and then slowly lower the bar back to mid-thigh height.

How it Works:

  • This circuit trains the shoulder using multiple angles. In addition, the routine also strengthens the rotator cuff – a group of muscles and tendons that protect the shoulder joint.

5 – Standing Bent Rear Delt

Stand next to the end of the barbell so you’re facing away from the landmine. With your feet narrower than shoulder width, grasp the end of the bar with an overhand grip, hinge your hips, and bend forward so your back is flat and you’re looking toward the floor. Slowly raise the bar outward until your arm is parallel to the floor.



Perform three rounds of the below series once or twice per week. If your gym doesn’t have a landmine attachment, simply place one end of a barbell into a corner of the gym. Place a towel or a shirt around the end of the barbell so you don’t take any paint off the wall. 


Kneeling Overhead Press | 8-12

Kneeling Front Raise | 8-12

Kneeling Lateral Raise | 8-12

Kneeling Upright Row | 8-12

Standing Bent Rear Delt | 8-12

(Taken from Muscle & Fitness, Written by Ignition Coach, Chris Gray)

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