Elite Sports Performance Training

Igniting the core of great athletes

The Ignition training approach is a customized system built to ignite each athlete’s true athletic potential. Through our holistic training approach our vision is to impact total athlete performance through strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. 

Choose Your Sport

With sport specific training options available, Ignition has created customized performance packages for every type of athlete. Simply choose your sport from the options below to see what training programs are available!

Decide What You Need To Work On

Are you looking to enhance your speed, strength, power, mobility, or recovery? Tell us what you need. We have a range of programs available for all areas of athletic performance.

Get After It !

Now that you’ve built a program focused on your exact needs, let’s get started! And remember – you get out what you put in, but don’t worry, we’re here to hold you accountable. #ironsharpensiron

youth training

BURST: Performance training for athletes ages 11-14

Our Burst training program specifically focuses on developing athletic foundations in the areas of speed, agility, quickness, and power. It is centered on learning proper mechanics and increasing the athlete’s capacity to meet the demands of their sport. Pre/post data is captured each training block to set a standard for the athlete and track improvement throughout the program.

Club/Team Training

Ignition’s Club/Team training is focused on providing groups with customized sport specific training programs that optimize individual strength, speed, agility, power, conditioning, and mobility. With nationally certified coaches we provide scientifically driven strength and conditioning programming, supported by data analytics and backed by proven results. Whether its in-season, off-season, or pre-season needs, Ignition is prepared to provide year round attention to your team or organization with elite level training and consultation.

High school training

Ignition’s High School training program is for athletes who have already developed most functional movement patterns. Training focuses on speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, core, and flexibility in a progressed program based on advanced athleticism and larger work capacity.

Collegiate training

Ignition’s collegiate training program is an intense 10-week progression that will enable athletes to maximize their performance. The training program consists of a 5-day-a-week schedule with over two hours of concentrated speed and strength sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and recovery/mobility on Tuesday/Thursday. The Ignition staff individualizes each program to fit the athlete’s needs, goals and sport-specific movements. Ignition has been proven to yield drastic results in many athletes from some of the top schools in the nation.


Operation 53: Your journey to the 53 man roster

Ignition’s Draft Prep is a comprehensive program that is uniquely built to maximize your results on and off the field. Operation 53 consists of four pillars of success – Performance, Nutrition, Recovery, and Consultation. The eight weeks of intense preparation is designed to improve your speed, strength and skills specific to the testing at the professional football scouting combine. The combination of individualized attention along with intense group sessions gives athletes the “total package” opportunity to focus on improvements in areas most needed for combine test day.

Pro Player Training

Pre-seasons and off seasons can be the most critical time for athletes to gain a competitive edge. Ignition’s professional player program includes five days of speed, power, agility, and mobility/stability training per week. Time in the weight room will be spent building strength and power, while time on the turf will bridge the gap from the weight room to the playing field by enhancing speed, agility, and sport-specific movements.

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