Ignition® understands the intensity necessary to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. It is our philosophy that athletes can only begin to reach their potential when they combine the forces of mind, body, and spirit. Ignition provides the finest in methodologies, trainers and equipment as well as the uncommon element of igniting the spirit at the core of great athletes. The Ignition experience is a carefully integrated approach focused on maximizing performance levels and achieving target goals. From world-class specialists and proprietary technology, to acknowledging the daily blessings of God, the Ignition experience is unmatched by any other.




The training programs at Ignition are based on results oriented, proven methodologies to improve an athlete’s speed, strength and overall athleticism. Our unique approach to training the whole athlete: Mind, Body and Spirit has been proven to take athletes to the next level in their career. Select the training program right for you: individual or organizational, and call us to learn more about how we can customize your experience in a way that will help you achieve your goals.




Muscle & Fitness, Mobile Solutions

The landmine shoulder circuit can reduce pressure on your joints, enhance mobility, and boost strength gains.

The deltoid muscle is small and consists of three sections – front (anterior), side (lateral), and rear (posterior). To avoid injury or imbalances you must train all three parts from various angles. This unilateral landmine circuit covers both of those issues.


Draft Dreams Become Reality

Ignition Athletics Performance Group announced today that 5 of its athletes were selected in the 2018 NFL draft and 10 others signed as free agents to NFL teams. This year’s draft was the 11th year that Ignition has been preparing prospects to succeed in professional football. Ignition’s athletes received personalized attention in the following areas: elite performance training; scientific breakdown of NFL Combine drills; sports nutrition counseling and supplementation; interview skills; video analysis; sports psychology; and mentorship from NFL coaches and players.


Question & Answers, with Muscle & Fitness

Question: I want to build strength. Is running before my workouts a bad idea?

Answer: I suggest running after you train. While five to ten minutes of low intensity running is a decent warm-up, cardio sessions that last longer than five minutes pre-workout can lead to muscular fatigue and use up energy stored that could play a huge role in helping your push more weight and attain new PRs.

  • Ignition has trained a number of my Rutgers teammates along with myself. The program here prepared me to play at my highest level during the 2014 season.

    Mohamed Sanu – Atlanta Falcons – Rutgers University
  • I chose Ignition before choosing an NFL agent. That was the best decision I could have made as I felt comfortable with everyone and everything the program at Ignition offered with small groups and lots of one on one attention. This was very big for me as I wasn’t just a number in the program but felt like family and knew everyone there had my best in mind! In return, I broke my all time personal records and was a top performer in nearly every category at the NFL Combine.

    Clayton Geathers – Indianapolis Colts – Central Florida University
  • I used the ignition training program in 2011 in Naples, Florida as I was leaving University of Tulsa and preparing for the NFL combine. I felt very prepared and I appreciated the staff for traveling with me to Indianapolis to support me through the combine process.

    Charles Clay – Buffalo Bills – University of Tulsa
  • I’ve spent my NFL off seasons training at Ignition. I like the holistic approach that allows me to train speed, power and stamina all in the same training session. The workouts are always specific to my position. They have a great atmosphere with an awesome coaching staff.

    Luke Kuechly – Carolina Panthers – 2014 Defensive Player of the Year
  • Ignition was the best place I could have trained to maximize my full potential. Anyone who is serious about performing at their best at the NFL Combine and Pro Day needs to train at Ignition. Before my Pro Day, I was unknown to most NFL Coaches, however after training I became a 2nd round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

    Mike Mitchell – Pittsburgh Steelers – Ohio University
  • The program at Ignition is awesome! I broke my all time personal best on the bench press and dead lift, while improving my speed and quickness. Ignition made me a better all around NFL player and I can feel it. I was able to not only train physically, but also spiritually through prayer before workouts and this helped me keep all things in perspective.

    Domata Peko – Denver Broncos – Michigan State University
  • I want to thank Ignition for the time they put in helping me reach my goals and helping me get ready for my season.

    Geno Atkins – Cincinnati Bengals – University of Georgia
  • Training at Ignition was one of the best pre-draft decisions I made in the process. No other facility in the country trains the mind, body, and spirit the way that they do.

    Jordan Hicks – Philadelphia Eagles – University of Texas
  • My overall experience at Ignition was phenomenal. The workouts were individualized because it was such a small group. My numbers improved dramatically. I took three tenths off my forty and broke the all time record in the L Cone drill at the NFL Combine. The environment is a fun and enjoyable experience. I couldn’t have chosen a better program.

    Sam Acho – Chicago Bears – University of Texas
  • Training at Ignition was the best and most important decision I have made for my football career. The daily individual attention in every drill we did made all the difference. The spiritual aspect of the program was my favorite part as it helped me become a better person and athlete.

    Devin McCourty – New England Patriots – Rutgers University



From collegiate to professional, Ignition athletes become family. Take a look at some of the athletes who come home to Ignition year after year.



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