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Learn the fundamental components of developing, programming, and delivering a performance based training program for beginners, intermediate, or advanced athletes of all sports.

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the Ignition speed system certification

Teaching coaches how to elevate their speed training programs

The ISSC walks you through the ins and outs to create an elite speed training program for your athletes. Learn how to program progressive and regressive drills to reduce the likelihood of injury or over-training. Establish how and when the cue your athletes during the course of the training program. Understand the importance of adaptation and stress on your athletes, and how to tailor your program accordingly. Create efficiency in your workouts by learning to optimize the flow of group sessions. Recognize the importance of metrics, and master what numbers you should be evaluating and how often, and most importantly, unlock the Ignition daily training template for an easy step-by-step guide on how to adjust your training programs to fit the individual needs of your athletes.

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simplifying the speed training process

The ISSC breaks down our entire speed training philsophy into 4 simplistic training modules. Carefully crafted through digital lectures with practical application curriculum, the ISSC teaches coaches how to deliver an elite speed training program to their athletes.

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Developed in 2013 the Ignition Speed System has helped bring world class performance training to athletes and coaches all over the world.

The Ignition Speed Certification does a fantastic job of blending science with years of successful practical experience. The Ignition Speed System has been used to train top professional athletes around the world. In a day where it’s hard to stand out amongst the pack, Strength Coaches can truly separate themselves with the Ignition Speed Certification.

Ron Mckeefery

Former, PLAE Performance Director

Our staff thoroughly enjoyed the Ignition certification course with the Ignition coaches. I would recommend it to anyone looking to further their knowledge in speed development. Ignition’s proven system is built on sound principles that will benefit all athletes regardless of the sport.


Ryan Russell

Auburn University, Director of S&C

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Learn how to distinguish yourself from the competition. The Ignition Speed System Certification gives coaches the tools to separate themselves in a highly competitive market.

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